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What is OFYR? Where did it come from? The answer to these questions is simple. Hans Goossens. A Dutch Entrepreneur, Design Aficionado, and a man with a passion for Outdoor Entertaining. There were a few questions that Hans wanted an answer for. How can I combine cooking and dining outdoors on summer evenings with hanging out and spending time with friends? How can I find a grill that provides high performance and clean artistic lines that will complement my garden? What can I leave out year round without having to worry about any weather damage? The answer to these questions, was of course, the OFYR.

His design hit the ground running, people didn't just love it for its stunning looks, but the extreme versatility it offers and welcoming circle of warmth. This circle of warmth extends pass the grill, this is the circle for social gatherings, for kindness, and for friends. This isn't just some neat party trick, professional chefs can vouch for the versatility for events and cooking demonstrations. Even restaurants and hotels use OFYR cooking units to transform outdoor spaces and offer customers a dining experience like no other.

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