Smoked Saltines
A quick snack with all the smokey goodness we love!

Smoked saltines

Recipe courtesy of Big Swede BBQ


2 packs Saltines Original

2 packs Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

1 pack Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch dressing mix

3 cups of Olive oil

3 Tbs of your favorite BBQ rub

2 gallon Zip locker bag

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is to mix the olive oil, the dressing mixes and the BBQ rub together in a big bowl. Make sure that the rub and the dressing is incorporated into the olive oil.

Step 2

Open the two saltine boxes and carefully place the crackers in the zip locker bag. When done, pour the olive oil mix into the bag and zip the lock. Over the next 24 hours or so, turn the bag so that all the crackers will be covered in the olive oil mix, make sure that you don't break the crackers. After 24 hours, the oil mixture should all be absorbed. It is now time to move them to the smoker.

Step 3

Set the smoker for 225 degrees and smoke covered for two hours. The crackers should be ready to serve. These little crackers are great with a smoked salmon mix. You can top them with some blue cheese. You could also serve with a chorizo or some Iberico Ham for a Spanish feel. Experiment and I am certain that you will find your own favorite. They are also great just as they are - smoky with a great salty bbq finish!!