By Alexandria Stephens


Barbecue season is about to heat up...

so it's time to clear off the grill and get your outdoor cooking on! One way to take your grilling up a notch is to use wood chips. Smoking with wood chips is a brilliant technique that will add layers of flavor to your favorite grilled recipes. Never used wood before? Don’t worry. Our expert grilling team here at BBQ Authority helped me create this simple reference guide.

Flavors & Pairings

Apple: mild and sweet, this fruity flavor makes apple wood ideal for cooking smoked chicken, turkey or fish. Click here

Oak: Stronger than fruit woods, but milder than mesquite, this wood is the go-to for most grillers. Versatile and light, it compliments a variety of meats. Try it for beef, pork or poultry. Click here

Cherry: The sweetest of all plank cooking woods. Cherry is ideal for its mild flavor and works perfectly with grilled fruits and vegetables. Click here

Hickory: This is the favorite of old time barbecue champions. Hickory has a strong, almost defiant flavor. There is something inherently barbecue in its flavor and it works best with chicken, beef, and pork. It is a good choice for any dish that needs an extra hit of smoke. Click here