Gift Guide for BBQ Lovers


From unique rubs and sauces to high tech grilling gadgets, we have something for the BBQ enthusiast in your life! Take a look at some of our tried and true favorites below.

$25 & Under

  • BBQ Authority Special Formula No. 4 Sauce & Rub Bundle - As the true authority on all things BBQ, we've crafted the perfect sauce and rubs that are sure to please every palette. These three products are great on literally anything- steak, pork, chicken, tacos, eggs, you name it! Set includes Special Formula No. 4 Hot Sauce, Heat Rub and Sweet Rub.
  • Black Swan Gourmet Sauce Bundle - Black Swan's philosophy is to focus on quality ingredients without taking any shortcuts. In each of these 3 sauces, you won't find any questionable ingredients such as corn syrups, preservatives or artificial colors. This BBQ sauce bundle includes Savory Original, Sweet Cognac and Beso del Fuego.
  • Crocodile Cloth Grill Wipes - Crocodile Cloths are every grillers dream come true! These tough-on-grime cloths power through sticky grease and baked-on food with virtually no effort. The heavy-duty, fully biodegradable cloths are great to have on hand in the backyard or at the pre-game tailgate.
  • Napoleon Burger Press Kit - This gourmet burger press kit allows you to make hamburgers, sliders and even restaurant-quality stuffed burgers with ease. This handy tool renders perfectly shaped burgers every time. The non-stick material ensures easy removal so you can slide them right onto the grill.
  • Three Little Pigs Championship Pitmaster Collection Gift Pack - Created by 9 time BBQ World Champion, Chris Marks, this gift set is a sure win. Box set features three top-selling Three Little Pigs products- Kansas City All-Purpose BBQ Rub, Kansas City Competition BBQ Sauce and Texas Beef BBQ Rub.
Special Formula No. 4 Sauce & Rub Bundle
Napoleon Gourmet Burger Press Kit
Three Little Pigs Pitmaster Collection Gift Pack

$50 & Under

  • The Grate Scrape Woody Paddle 18" Grill Cleaning Tool - This all-natural grill cleaning tool is an alternative to that old metal wire brush. The custom grooves will uniquely fit any grill. To start the grooving process, apply pressure and work the tool back and forth across the grates using high heat. Continue this process until the grooves have fully formed.
  • Co-op Sauce Bundle - The Co-op Sauce brand began as a way to generate funds to support youth programs in Chicago. It has since grown into its own café and retail space in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. Hand-crafted in small batches, all ingredients are sourced straight from farmers in the Midwest. The bundle includes Jalapeno Lime, Carrot Habanero, Chi-racha, The Barrel and Chchcherry Bomb Hot Sauces.
  • Whiteford's BBQ Bundle - Whiteford's BBQ is a Midwest favorite. This set includes everything needed to get the tailgate party started! 6-piece set includes Olde 70 BBQ Sauce, Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, BBQ Spice Rub, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, Mild Bloody Mary Mix and the #1 best-selling Cayenne Pepper Sauce.
  • Napoleon PRO Knife Set - Napoleon's professional-grade knife set includes everything to carve up the perfect cut of meat. The 6-piece set is made entirely of stainless steel and includes a sharpened carving Blade, carving fork and four serrated steak knives. Napoleon's professional knives are perfectly balanced and perfect for left or right-handers.
Great Scrape Woody Paddle 18" Grill Cleaning Tool
Whiteford's BBQ Bundle
Napoleon PRO Knife Set

$75 & Under

  • Lambert's Sweet Swine O' Mine Rub Bundle - After 15 years of experience in the competitive BBQing circuit, Lambert's has perfected sauces and rubs. This 5 piece rub set includes mind-blowing flavors such as Apple Chipotle, Roasted Garlic and Texas Beef. The flavor variety in the Sweet Swine O' Mine set will cover everything from beef, fish, poultry, pork to veggies and even cheese. This is a sure win, even for BBQ snobs.
  • Rub Some Butt Rub Bundle - The Rub Some gift bundle is perfect for someone with a sense of humor. With clever names and cheeky taglines, this is sure to be a winner! The 7 full-sized rubs will have them eating good all year long. From chicken to ribs, they'll be rubbing everything down.
  • Napoleon PRO Wireless Digital Thermometer - Napoleon just made grilling even easier. Now your favorite BBQ-er can monitor perfectly cooked meats from the comfort of their own home. The wireless thermometer will display accurate readings from up to 200 feet away. The digital display features easy to use controls and a clip to fasten it directly to clothes or an apron. Who doesn't love a fun new gadget to play with?!