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  • 5 Common Mistakes Guaranteed to Ruin Your BBQ

    Perfecting your barbecue experience from grill to plate can sometimes take a while if you don't know what you're doing. Take a look at, and avoid committing, these 5 common mistakes to speed you on your way to grill mastery.
  • Baking on a Gas Grill

    Sure, you've grilled the best and juiciest burgers. You've achieved perfectly seared steaks. Your rotisserie chicken is the talk of the neighborhood. But have you used your gas grill to bake yet? That's right! You can use your gas grill just like you'd use a standard oven.
  • Best Turkey Seasonings

    Whether you choose to roast, fry or grill your bird, adding some flavor is the first step. We've compiled a list of some top-selling options for a perfectly juicy and tasty turkey. From classic flavors to sweet with a bit of heat, your guests will be begging for more.
  • Best-Selling Portable Grills

    Whether you are searching for a new grill for a small patio, something convenient for camping trips or the best portable tailgating option, we've got you covered. From propane, charcoal to even electric, you're sure to find the perfect fit to feed your crew.
  • Cold Weather Grilling

    Cold weather is right around the corner. With the passing of Labor Day, many people consider grill season to be wrapping up for the year. But, what if, this year we choose to keep on grillin' all year long?! Here are some guidelines to keep you (and your grill) going all winter long.
  • Exclusive BBQ Authority Islands

    Whether you are looking to upgrade a small deck area or ready to make some major backyard improvements, we have the best outdoor kitchen islands for you. We are confident you'll love what these exclusive islands offer! Here's why...
  • Gift Guide for BBQ Lovers

    From unique rubs and sauces to high tech grilling gadgets, we have something for the BBQ enthusiast in your life! Take a look at some of our tried and true favorites.
  • Holiday Grilled Appetizers

    The holidays are best enjoyed with the company of family and friends. Good food and lots of laughter always makes for the perfect gathering. This year, spark things up a bit and prepare some of our holiday favorite appetizers right on the grill. Your party guests will love these easily-prepared snacks!
  • How to Properly Clean Grill Grates

    Grill cleaning doesn't have to be a daunting or difficult task. Consider it part of your cooking routine. The most convenient time to give those dirty grates a quick scrub is after pulling off your food. There are many products on the market to make grill cleaning easy. Let's explore a few of our favorite options.
  • Kamado Cooking Tradition

    You've heard of Big Green Egg, Kamado Joes, and all sorts of Kamado style smokers - do you know where they came from? Take a deeper look at the history and culture behind the current Kamado Cooking Tradition!
  • Napoleon Brand Story

    Over the years, Napoleon has grown into the largest privately owned manufacturer of grills in North America. They have quickly become one of the most recognized brand names in the outdoor living industry. Let's explore how the brand came to be.
  • New Flavors For Fall 2021

    We've searched high and low to bring some new and exciting flavors to our rubs and sauces assortment this fall. Whether you're looking to spice things up or to slather on something new, you're sure to find your new favorite here.
  • Our 3 Favorite Flavors for 2020

    A solid flavor profile is essential to all types of meals and definitely to good barbecue. Take a look at some of our top picks to make sure your guests leave their meal licking their fingers.
  • Special Formula No. 4 Sauces and Rubs

    After some trial and error, BBQ Authority has finally perfected the Special Formula No. 4 Hot Sauce! With just the right amount of heat, this sauce pairs perfectly with just about anything.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey on the Grill

    The time has finally come; Thanksgiving is almost here! It's time to start planning for the big feast. We know that you've been missing your grill lately now that summer has ended. Why not pull her back out, dust her off and throw a bird on?
  • The Fire Magic Difference

    These premium outdoor grills are offered in a wide range of styles, sizes and features. And while the design of each series may vary, every grill is designed to exceed all expectations. Proudly made in the USA, Fire Magic has carefully and thoughtfully tended to every detail.
  • The New Trend: Outdoor Ovens

    An outdoor oven is a great way to add a little authenticity and excitement to cooking pizza or other foods. Its construction style and higher heat limit also give you a number of practical benefits. Read on to find out!
  • Tips for Perfectly Grilled Pizza

    Whether it is delivered or hot from the oven, pizza is always a crowd pleaser. But why not take this delicious dish one step farther? Let's talk tips and tricks for grilling the perfect pizza.
  • Tips for Smoking on a Gas Grill

    While it was once thought best to soak wood chips before using them, many people now disagree. It was once recommended to soak the wood chips up to an hour before smoking to keep them from igniting too quickly. However, many BBQ experts now say it isn't necessary. Read on for more tips on smoking on your gas grill.
  • Veteran-Owned Brands at BBQ Authority

    As a veteran-owned company, BBQ Authority is pleased to have the opportunity to feature and support other veteran-led brands within the BBQ Community.
  • Why You Should be Using Coffee in Your Barbecue

    If you've only been drinking your coffee I've got news for you. Coffee is a beautifully versatile ingredient that adds a complex flavor to lots of dishes. Read on to find out how it can step up your barbecue game.
  • Wood Chip Pairing Guide

    Smoking food has a rich tradition in the barbecue world. Experts know exactly which types of wood produce what kind of flavor. Check out our pairing guide for some tips on identifying exactly what kind of smoke you want flavoring your food.