Our 3 Favorite Flavors for 2020

Spice up the new year with an abundance of flavors!

1) Whiteford's Cayenne Pepper Sauce

The Best Cayenne Pepper Sauce on the Planet with layers of flavor in every bottle! Matthew Whiteford sets the standard with flavor and quality in all 30 of his sauces, rubs and mixes.

Whiteford's Cayenne Pepper Sauce is great on anything that needs a little kick to its original flavor!

2) Three Little Pigs Kansas City Championship Rub

Chris Marks Kansas City Championship Rub is filled with many sweet and spicy flavors that are a great boost for all your grilling and smoking needs.

This rub is great on almost ANYTHING! Including, all types of meats as well as your eggs in the morning and whatever else that needs a flavor boost.

3) Dot's Home-style Pretzels

Need a party snack or feeding a whole family? Dot's Pretzels is the perfect snack for any event or just to munch on yourself. With a delightful swirl of sweet and spicy tang in each bite!

Started off as a small family-business in North Dakota that now sells nationwide to fulfill everyone's crave for Dot's Pretzels.