why you should be using coffee in your barbecue

By Alexandria Stephens

I absolutely love coffee for my morning rush of caffeine. Coffee is my addiction of choice, and I make no apologies for it. There's nothing better than waking up to the fresh smell of toasty, delicious java. Sometimes I like it hot- it warms me up on a brisk Chicago morning, but I also love it iced. The flavor becomes mild and creamy, transforming into a smooth beverage that I love to sip while I'm at my desk.
Now, I'm no stranger to the occasional homemade coffee scrub or coffee soap, but that's where my experimentation with coffee ends. I was recently browsing some recipes and realized that I might be missing out on something huge. Coffee and BBQ is a major culinary match made in heaven.
Curious? Keep reading for my top reasons to experiment with coffee in your 'cue.

1. Make Savory Rubs

This is the most common way you'll see coffee used in recipes. I like this method because the use of coffee grinds provides a bitter contrast to sweet flavors we usually see used in barbeque recipes. Coffee grinds used as a rub adds gorgeous flavor and a nice crust. I love it on pork loin or brisket!

My Favorite Recipes:

Coffee Rubbed Pork Loin: Click here for the recipe.

Coffee Crusted Brisket: Click here for the recipe.

2. Amazing Sauce

Making your own barbecue sauce is a lot easier than you think. I like making my own because the ingredients are fresher than store-bought sauces that have been sitting on a shelf for months. For sauce, adding brewed coffee can add an extra layer of flavor that is guaranteed to impress.

My Favorite Sauce Recipes:

Coffee BBQ Sauce: Click here for the recipe.

Black Coffee BBQ Sauce: Click here for the recipe.

3. Gravy with a Kick

So, it's basically a sin to waste any drippings after you cook your meat. I always make a simple gravy to compliment the meal, but why not take it up a notch? Add strong brewed coffee for a lift! This kind of gravy is excellent served with breakfast. Fry up some country ham and serve with biscuits for a southern treat.

My Picks:

Southern Red Eye Gravy: Click here for the recipe.

Sweet Country Gravy: Click here for the recipe.