Veteran-Owned Brands at BBQ Authority

As a veteran-owned company, bbq authority is pleased to have the opportunity to feature and support other veteran-led brands within the bbq community

Special Formula No. 4

BBQ Authority knows good sauces and rubs. And now you can bring the heat directly to your own backyard with their exclusive brand, Special Formula No. 4! Aside from being the most delicious sauces and rubs out there, 20% of all SFN4 sales will be donated to the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans. The MSHV "No Hero Left Behind" program provides housing, supportive services and community outreach to assist homeless or at-risk veterans and their families. BBQ Authority's Special Formula No. 4 offers great products that benefit an even better cause. 

BBQ Authority Special Formula No. 4

Veterans Q

The Veterans Q Barbecue Company is comprised exclusively of military veterans, family members and patriots. What originally started as a hobby and catering company has quickly grown into a legitimate business, selling their sauces and rubs. Veterans Q Barbecue has become nothing short of a success as their products are now sold in over 200 stores and locations nationwide. Further, they pride themselves on giving back to the veteran community. Veterans Q donates 100% of their profits to local and national military veteran organizations and groups. Additionally, Veterans Q awards a yearly scholarship to assist the children of veteran parents to help them pursue a career in business, entrepreneurship or the culinary arts field. 

Veterans Q Barbecue

Cool Smoke

Cool Smoke is owned by former Marine and 6-time World Barbecue Champion pit master Tuffy Stone. This French-trained chef was selected as a judge and co-host for Destination America's TV show, 'BBQ Pitmasters'. Tuffy is well known in the professional barbecue circuit and has spent his time traveling the world, sharing his gift with others. He's taught BBQ classes in New Zealand, Australia and Brazil and has even personally cooked for the American troops stationed in Kuwait. The Cool Smoke Competition BBQ Team continues to win awards across the globe. And now, you can bring their winning sauces and rubs right to your own backyard. Click below to experience some of Cool Smoke's products.

Cool Smoke

Loot N Booty BBQ

Owned by US Navy Veteran and pit master Sterling Smith, Loot N Booty has been competing in the professional barbecue circuit since 2009. With over 31 Grand and Reserve Grand Championship Awards and more than 400 top 10 awards, Loot N Booty knows good BBQ. Their rubs and sauces are sold at hundreds of retailers world-wide. Sterling Smith and the Loot N Booty team are proud to say their brand is veteran owned and American made!  

Loot N Booty BBQ