TOP 5 foods to put your rub on other than bbq

Michelle Loar

We all love some good barbecue with our favorite rub smothered on to enhance the flavor of the meat, but you can also enhance the flavor of your favorite dish by using barbecue rubs.

Get Started in the Morning.

Everybody loves some good scrambled eggs in the morning, but a way to spice it up is by adding our favorite Boars Night Out White Lightning with Double Garlic Butter rub. With flavors such as garlic and spices that go amazing with scrambled eggs, it'll help give a boost to your morning.

Smoke Flavored Veggies.

To get those who hate eating their vegetables to finally eat them, sprinkle some Three Little Pigs Touch of Cherry rub all over them before you begin to cook. With Touch of Cherry's natural mesquite smoke flavor it will make your friends and family wanting more.

Spiced up Bloody Mary.

Spice up your ordinary Bloody Mary with Whiteford's BBQ Spice Rub. With flavorful natural ingredients from Whiteford's will bring you the perfect amount of spice to your drink. You can either put the spice rub around the rim of your drink or sprinkle some in.

Barbecue Pasta Topping.

Why not sprinkle some barbecue rub on your pasta to enhance the flavor. The Loot N' Booty Everything Rub will boost your ordinary dish into a savory and delicious meal. You can mix the rub in with ingredients such as grated parmesan to top of your favorite mac and cheese.