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Whiteford's BBQ

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Matthew Whiteford, award-winning barbecue connoisseur, knows how to make taste buds sizzle with his mouthwatering barbecue. Whiteford is the owner of Whiteford's Gourmet Food's and Love Your BBQ, along with a long list of accolades and awards from across the United States and beyond our borders winning 2014 World Championship with Whiteford's Spicy Bloody Mary Mix. Whiteford's BBQ Sauces placed numerous top 20 accolades with his Olde 70 Southern Style BBQ Sauce winning second place three times in Vinegar Based category.

But what is a "Pit Master" exactly? Good question. A Pit Master is one who operates a barbecue pit and sometimes yields respect for someone who is skilled at barbecuing. To that, Matthew can tell by sight, sound, smell and touch if his smoker is running too hot or cold, when it needs fuel, when to add wood, when to add sauce, and when the meat is ready.