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Three Little Pigs barbecue is known by many as the best Kansas City barbecue they've ever tasted. Founded by Chris Marks, nationally recognized elite competition barbecue chef and barbecue business leader from Kansas City. Chris has won more than 43 national barbecue championships, and over 600 individual awards. After winning and placing at barbecue contests all over the United States,Three Little Pigs barbecue has decided to sell its award-winning barbecue to the public. Three Little pigs barbecue is ready to handle your craving for great barbecue.

There is no denying that this is one of the most successful barbecue sauces on the competition circuit. With 8 American Royal Championships, these sauces have been bringing home the trophies for Chris Marks and the Three Little Pigs competition team for two decades.

Chris Marks has been featured on the Food Channels "Taste of America" with Mark De-Carlo, Travel Channels "BBQ Battle", and numerous other local regional BBQ Shows. Bringing home many Grand Awards such as 1st Annual Spring Campus Cook-Off, Marshall BBQ, Kansas City American Royal, Raytown BBQ Cook-Off and many more!