The New Trend: Outdoor Ovens

While most people seem to understand at least the basics of everyday grilling, there is a new trend that they might not be as familiar with. Gas or wood ovens are a newly popular way of outdoor cooking that is sure to bring back the excitement and impress your guests. Whether cooking for one or to feed a crowd, outdoor ovens will give you a unique experience. While best known for cooking pizza, these versatile ovens can cook just about anything and add a new spin on a classic meal.

Gas or wood ovens come in many forms, however there are 3 key brands to keep an eye out for- Alfa Ovens, Chicago Brick Ovens (CBO) and Forno Venetzia. Each of these brands have unique features and expert craftsmanship, making them the highest quality ovens on the market. Let’s take a closer look at each brand.

Alfa Ovens

Alfa is a company specializing in wood and gas fired ovens which are acceptable for domestic or professional use. This family-owned business was created in the South of Italy in 1977 and is inspired by the need for constant innovation. Alfa Ovens pride themselves on offering 100% Italian craftsmanship with lightweight and easy to move designs. Every material used to construct the oven is expertly chosen to enhance the consumer’s ease.


Alfa’s three-layer ceramic fibre dome insulation allows the temperature to rise quickly and retain heat longer, reducing fuel consumption. Alfa Oven’s exclusive FORNINOX Technology combines a refractory floor and stainless-steel structure to ensure the oven accumulates heat and gradually releases it to deliver perfectly baked dishes. These top performing ovens heat up to 1000° F in mere minutes, reducing waiting time and energy consumption. Alfa’s combination of high-quality materials and attention to detail guarantees a longer lasting oven compared to many competitors.


Alfa’s consumer-friendly ovens come ready to use after unpacking and can be easily installed in just minutes. With proper ventilation, some oven models can be utilized indoors as well. Optional bases/carts are available for most models, further increasing the versatility of the expertly crafted ovens. Experience cooking like never before with Alfa Oven’s Italian design, skillful craftmanship and over 40 years of expertise.

Chicago Brick Oven

Chicago Brick Ovens were created with three things in mind: aesthetics, performance and durability. The company started in 2006 as a simple discussion between neighbors and has now grown into the leader in American-made residential wood fired ovens.

High Quality

CBO Ovens are created with a proprietary commercial grade refractory cement formula and exclusive FlameRoll Technology. This technology creates a vacuum for concentrated heat up to 1000° F, allowing for radiant heat, convection and conduction. This versatility gives even an at-home-chef the option of many different cooking methods. The specially designed flue ensures all smoke is pulled through the top of the oven, guaranteeing that no smoke escapes through the door.

Domestic Design

Created in Chicago, the CBO brand founders understood the importance of durability in their ovens. The founders knew there was a need for an oven that could stand up to harsh winter weather and freezing cold temperatures. With their exclusive cement formula and stainless-steel fiber, these ovens can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions- even icy winters in Maine and Wisconsin. Chicago Brick Ovens are completely manufactured in the USA, ensuring that only the best materials and manufacturing processes are used. CBO currently offers multiple ovens which are available in a wide range of sizes- ensuring the perfect fit for any space.






Fire Wood

Forno Venetzia

Inspired by a new-found passion, the Forno Venetzia owners became obsessed with wood burning ovens and sought out to create their own. Motivated by the idea of great food, the perfect pizza and bringing family and friends together, the Forno Venetzia brand was born. These simple ideas gave way to an entire line of high quality ovens and products with an authentic Italian design. Picture this: the warmth of the fire, the faint smell of smoke in the air, a perfectly cooked pizza coming out of the oven and the comfort of surrounding yourself with friends and family. This is the Forno Venitizia dream.

Flue Design

The traditional flue design which is frequently found in commercial and high quality ovens creates a draft that pulls smoke out and up the flue and chimney. Most of the heat is left inside to circulate throughout the dome, resulting in optimal heat retention and minimal fuel consumption. Additionally, Forno Venetzia ovens come ready to use- no curing process necessary- just unpack and you’re ready to go!




Which Oven Is Best?

Alfa Ovens, Chicago Brick Ovens and Forno Venetzia manufacture top-selling, high-quality designs. These ovens showcase many different series and variations available to fit each consumer's specific needs. Each industry leading design combines innovative technology with many features to make an easier and more enjoyable cooking experience.

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