Unique Cooking With Ovens

Everyone enjoys grilling out in their backyard with friends and family, and it has become one of the more popular activities people look forward to. All those people understand the basic grill, and all the features that go into making grilling food an easy and enjoyable experience, but there is a new style of cooking that is gaining more popularity everyday. The new way to cook amazing meals, whether it is for your household or you are entertaining friends and family, is with a gas or wood oven. These ovens give users a new and unique experience while cooking. With more ways to put a new spin on classic meals that you have grilled a hundred times. You also do not only have to cook pizzas in these ovens, you can cook anything you would prepare in a conventional oven and more, but in a more amusing way than ever before. At BBQ-Authority we offer some of the best oven brands at the best prices available. Our most popular brands are Alfa, Chicago Brick Oven, and Forno Venetzia. Each of these brands have unique features and characteristics that make them the highest quality, and so easy to enjoy cooking with.


Alfa Ovens

Alfa Ovens come from the best craftsmen in Italy. Every function of their ovens has been meticulously designed, while staying true to their roots that began in 1977. Every material that is important to the ease of your cooking is unique to Alfa and their ovens.


The insulation of the entire oven is made from multiple layers of special European Ceramic Fiber that is resistant up to 2000°F. Another material unique to Alfa ovens is their refractory bricks. Their bricks are made from their own researched and developed recipe that provides better heat absorption and retention. With those two excellent features, and other additional features, the Alfa ovens can take as little as 10 minutes to heat up to 700°F - 800°F. With six different residential models to choose from you can find the right size, shape, and additional features that would suit your cooking experience the best. All the models can sit on any existing counter, surface, or existing outdoor kitchen counter, although some models are available with their own legs and carts.


There are also carts that are available to pair with all the ovens as well to make it easier to cook your great meals. Some of the oven models can even be used indoors, if the proper ventilation is installed. There are also commercial ovens offered by Alfa, and those have an increased cooking space, easy to use in many different environments, as well as being able to be used within minutes of being unpacked. With an Alfa oven you will enjoy over 40 years of Italian design and craftsmanship while experiencing cooking like never before!



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Chicago Brick Oven

Chicago Brick Ovens are designed with three things in mind: Aesthetics, Performance, and Durability. There are DIY ovens available in different sizes, and DIY means you would get the basic dome oven, but it is left up to you to create your ideal outdoor kitchen that encloses your oven. Making your oven experience unique to your needs, as well as, being able to match the rest of the design of your house and outdoor area.

High Quality

Their FlameRoll design creates a vacuum for concentrated heat up to 1000°F, giving you an more even cooking area, as well as, more unique ways of cooking. The durability of their outdoor ovens has been a major focus in the design of these ovens since the company is from Chicago, and the founders wanted an oven that could withstand the harsh winters. With their proprietary cement and being reinforced with stainless steel fiber these ovens have withstood the temperate climates of Spain, Italy, and Germany, as well as the winters in Maine and Wisconsin.

Domestic Design

Also, Chicago Brick Ovens are manufactured in the USA, ensuring the best materials and manufacturing processes are used in their ovens. Another main feature in their ovens that makes cooking with them so easy is that they designed the flue to make sure all the smoke is pulled out through the top to make sure no smoke escapes through the door. There are six excellent models available from Chicago Brick Ovens that range in size and have different additional features to make sure there is the perfect oven for your cooking style.






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Forno Venetzia

Another Italian brand, Forno Ventzia has put incredible thought and design into creating a line of models that has great performance as well as an elegant style. With the best materials like ceramic insulation and heavy duty stainless steel these ovens will heat up fast and stays hot, making it easy to cook your food evenly without worry.

Flue Design

The flue design is designed to open lower than the top of the dome and just outside the door opening. That way the draft from the door pushes the smoke up the flume to make sure the smoke does not come back at you through the door. This design also makes sure your oven will heat up faster and stay hot. With this design you will also recirculate the heat, this also will lower your fuel consumption, allowing you to not have to stock as much wood for all the cooking you will be doing. These ovens also come ready to use. all you have to do is unpack it, put it in the spot you want it, and you can heat it up to cook. You do not have to go through a curing process like you do with other ovens.




What Brand Is Right For You?

These three brands are our best sellers for a reason. They have high quality designs matched with high quality materials that make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable. If this would be your first oven you will quickly learn how great of a time you and your friends and family will have gathered around the oven cooking all sorts of different types of foods. With the many different sized ovens, with loads of different features and construction types you can find the oven that will work perfectly for you. Click "Shop All Ovens" to check out all of our different ovens that we offer.