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Boars Night Out Started in early 2006 as a group of single guys. Throughout 2006, Boars Night Out was known as the team that liked to cook and a team that could definitely throw a Championship-level party! Between the years of 2007-2009 were maturing years for the team. They were able to pick up some 1st place trophies, mostly in the dessert category. They made the choice to shift their focus to becoming world class purveyors of the BBQ world.
From the championship BBQ team, Boars Night Out brings you delicious rubs that'll make your food taste like it was made by the team themselves. Winner of over 40 1st place awards and several Championships, Boars Night Out will make your food taste like it had just crossed the finish line. Become a part of the winning team and reach the grand champions with Boars Night Out.